We Launch Prototypes Into Space

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When launching a startup, the ability to receive quick feedback from users can be the difference between success and failure.
Prototyping is a great way to assess the value of your product with users.
At PROTOS, we create prototypes starting with paper sketches and turn them into products ready for launch.

Our Values

  • Flexible Cost

    Open negotiating with every client allows us to provide independent pricing based on the project and its complexity.

  • Development Methodology

    Being agile in our thinking, we follow the Scrum process because it provides us with greater flexibility while enabling our team to deliver completed software development projects in a timely manner.

  • Progressive Technologies

    We build leading-edge technology products designed to enhance the value of your business.

  • Creative Team

    We are a team that believes in dreaming with our eyes open. Filled with ideas and innovative thinking, we are driven to build great technology products and services.

Technologies We Use

Go Lang

Technical Audit

Do you doubt the correctness of the chosen technology? We will help you to take the right solution stack. Let’s discuss it.


  • Zero bureaucracy

    We don't spend valuable time on paperwork, but we try to run the project as soon as possible.

  • Quick onboarding

    We find the right people for your project in a short period of time, which allows you to avoid long waiting before the launch.

  • Flexibility

    We adapt to the demands of the business and the market so we can determine the best format of cooperation for both sides.

  • Progressive stack

    We create progressive and scalable projects using modern technologies that will be relevant for the coming years.

MVP phase

Do you have a bright idea for the project? We will help you to develop the rock-solid MVP. Let's talk.

Best Cases

Our Process

  • Where are we flying?

    Let’s say hello to each other. We want to know your idea and offer introductory price, terms, and technologies.

  • Shuttle or Rocket

    Create sketches of your future prototype in form of schematic drafts which could be used as a base for the next steps.

  • Modeling a Spaceship

    We write specifications and create a black-and-white product wireframe of your product based on the discovery phase.

  • Working out the details

    Turn your black and white wireframes into a modern and clean UI that rocks! Our design meets all demands of the market.

  • Building a Spaceship

    We build and test a high-level working prototype which has everything to be named as the Millenium Falcon.

  • Takeoff!

    Your product is ready to conquer the galaxy!

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Clients Say About Us

  • I would like to thank PROTOS for their passion in taking care of clients. After a few weeks I started to feel like my project is their child. Literally working whole days to reach deadlines and make perfect solutions. The contributions made by PROTOS have been critical in getting our project in time for the target customer.

    Valeria, BDM at CityClinique
  • Since 2016, PROTOS has proven to be an excellent long-term partner and integral part of our ongoing development strategy. We have found them to be very reliable and able to adapt to our industry. The communication was easy, the progress was as planned, and results were above our expectations. We will not hesitate to work with PROTOS in the future.

    Jeff, BDM at Lake Oil Ltd.
  • PROTOS is a top-notch development company that really understands what it does. During my time with this company, I have never encountered the fact that something was being imposed on me. On the contrary, I always had a choice. I liked the care they provided for my project. I definitely recommend using the services of PROTOS.

    Jim Welch, CEO at NewsMap

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