Real Estate CRM System

Internal CRM System for the real estate sector.

How to increase sales and improve management in a real estate company by creating an internal CRM System? That was the question from one of our biggest clients in the real estate domain.

Their company sells residential and commercial real estate in the US, provides in-house brokers who search for a property within the specified criteria and carries out the support of sales transactions. We needed to develop an internal CRM system that would become the central piece of the management in their company.

One of the main problems they had was a poor level of the interaction between brokers of the company and their potential customers.
The final version of the application should have allowed them to manage current transactions, maintain interest to potential buyers, make notes, book meetings and other cool things. Besides that, they asked for the monitoring functionality where they could create reporting dashboards and display analytics for each sales manager.

They’ve moved to a new internal CRM systems already and 240 people of the company have already begun operating through this system.
The system allows saving on cold calls by collecting and processing potential customers online. Employees could create an unlimited amount of accounts per each prospect. 5 sales departments have a transparent internal system right now where they collaborate with each other. The company's C-level can at any time get the progress statistics within their department. All the management flow goes through the system generating reports and suggestions. There's an environment for planning, assigning tasks and performance monitoring, as well.

Our CRM system for is an excellent representation of the flexible and extensible Dashboard written in Angular2 fulfilled by examples of data visualization. Graphs and charts were implemented with the famous D3.js library. Front-end side speaks by the good known REST with the Python/MySQL on the back-end.

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