US Petroleum APP

Mobile Application for the petroleum company

Looking for a gas station and worried that there may be not enough fuel to drive to the next station, need to find one urgently? It’s not a problem anymore. You can use the US Petroleum Application on your mobile device and find all the information you need on the gasoline stations in your location.
Just few clicks and interactive map will define the closest petrol stations. Pick up the one you will be going to, and the APP will build a route, to make sure you are not getting lost in the city and do not spend extra time on the search.
You will see your location with the exact address, and the address of the destination point. The APP will create the most convenient way to get to your final destination, drawing it on the map, so that it is visualized.

Using US Petroleum mobile application is more than just two step action, like “find and go”. US Petroleum supplies a client with his personal ID card, which is used for accumulating bonuses, allows paying for the fuel and receiving the latest news about discounts and offers. Fuel rewards program of US Petroleum provides special bonuses to the clients for using their services. The card with the unique ID number grants the client with an option for collecting bonuses for all purchases made with the APP. Tools integrated into the card will aggregate a report on all the actions recently performed, like address of gas station, where you bought fuel recently. In case a client used bonuses to pay for the gas, the amount of bonuses withdrawn will be displayed as well and you will not have to worry that there is not enough points left for the next time.

Due to the customer's requirements on the resource usage and technical specifications of the future application PROTOS team has made a decision to use the React Native framework to build this mobile app. The application was developed with the "Offline First" approach in mind.

US Petroleum Application is designed for users who drive, value time and keep an eye on their purchases.

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