worldwide news aggregator

It is hard to imagine ourselves isolated from the information flow; we want to be aware of latest business news, sports competitions, technology developments, entertainments and health care innovations. Now, when you wake up in the morning, you can have all the news pre-selected for you and accumulated in a single resource.

In a single page layout of a NewsMap web application, you will get the aggregated news to make your day. Our algorithm picks up only high-quality news resources to diversify the information and provides highest rated information from the news agencies.
We marked each category with a special color so that all the news out of this category will be marked with the same color. In some parts, the shade of the color differs. This is done to point out the most recent news with the lighter color. For example, Health section is green, the lighter the color, the fresher the news is.

Our design also reflects the citation rate of the articles, meaning some get more attention and are very popular. How is it reflected on the page? The sections, in which the titles are displayed, differ in size – bigger section means the article is on top on the web. Popularity is proportional to the size of the section.
Needless to say, this is a very practical and simple design to deliver only hottest news to the reader. There are no pictures and the algorithm picks up only the text information, which doesn’t overwhelm the web application and makes it fast downloading.

Upon clicking on the category a reader will be taken to the news related to this particular theme. When a title of the selected piece of news is clicked, then the reader will be directed to the main recourse, from which this information was delivered.

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