Single Page Application (SPA) for the script supervising

More and more services are being optimized nowadays; even those that a few years ago seemed to be already perfect. But technologies keep improving the whole spectrum of a life cycle, creating more favorable circumstances for people to work and live. Script writing is not an exception, and a number of effortless solutions have been crafted to speed up and upgrade the process.

LockitNetwork Production Service provides the Single Page Application (SPA) which improves the script supervising the process and the metadata workflow from the filmset to post-production.

There is no need for paperwork in anymore, online cloud-based solutions proved to be safe and a secure alternative instead.
With this app, you can prepare your projects easily in a browser and synchronize information with it.
You can create customized reports (the shot-based report, statistics of the shooting day, clip based report on the shot material and other) and have other advanced tools which will help to generate reports and records, upload the information in Excel and PDF formats etc. No doubt, you are saving hours of work every day thanks to digitally gathered on-set information and timecode-synchronised film clips.

PROTOS team has implemented it with the idea of enterprise stability and scalability. As the main front-end framework, we’ve chosen Angular (New version 2+) with TypeScript and Redux strategy (NGRX library) to simplify the data flow through the application. Also, SPA uses custom gulp builds, and Sass as the main style preprocessor language.

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