Ridesharing application for Ukraine and Australia

Urban life without a hassle - how is it possible these days? We have easy2go – web application helping people to find each other on the web to get a ride and offering a ride. Drivers find people who need to get to a certain place in the city and people, who search for a car going in the same direction. easy2go is the alternative to public transport in a big city.

Our service offers a simple dashboard for the users, allowing surfing the database and finding what they search based on specified criteria.
We wanted to create a simple yet practical service so that anyone could use it. No specific knowledge is required to create an account, the procedure is basically the same as most platforms suggest for their visitors.

In order to start using easy2go, you should register on the website and get the account. Same approach for drivers, they should access the site and create a profile. The information they fill will be available for the audience of the website.
Everyone using our service will benefit – drivers will save on gas, people traveling around the city will get to their destination point much faster and in a more comfortable way.

easy2go was launched in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and in Melbourne, Australia. It has been a while since the service went online and we are happy to state it is getting popular every day.

An easy2go application allows filtering results based on provided criteria: budget, date, route, location.
Our service was developed with Meteor.js, React, Google Maps API, Mongo DB.

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