Web Application for searching events in Ukraine

Every day we search for the information and collect numerous suggestions from the search engines. But do we get what we search for from the very first inquiry? Search engines grab the data based on the algorithms of the giants of the web space. But you need only a particular piece of information and in most cases have to filter the results generated by engines several times. That’s a bit frustrating and time-consuming when we look for something detailed and can’t find it from the first time.

PROTOS team has created BigCityEvent – the web application, where people can find specific information on events in the city of Kyiv. Structured data and convenient design help searching for educational courses, training, theater performances, movies, tours, festivals, concerts, art and photo exhibitions in one source. BigCityEvent contains anything that one may search for the entertainment or is just looking for interesting ideas for the weekend with friends and family.

All the information can be categorized based on the dates and time. Additionally, there is a helpful option to set a budget for your search and to receive only the results that meet your expectations. Modern, light and practical layout, simple and convenient dashboard – every detail is aimed to speed up the search and provide most relevant feedback. Easy browsing and navigation help the visitor explore the sections of the website. We made the website functional and intuitive for every visitor could find what he searches for. It is absolutely free to use and is accessible from mobile devices.

For the technical solution, we’ve chosen Meteor with Blaze and Materialize frameworks. Meteor provides a single isomorphic approach and reduces development time. It could be easily deployed on your own hosting or any Node.js hosting servers like AWS or DigitalOcean. Materialize styles let you do not care about cross-browser styles and device support, it’s all built in and of course it looks fancy.

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